Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters

A solar inverter is a common inverter. It uses energy from the sun which is solar energy. This type of inverter helps to change the DC to the AC using solar energy. DC is the force that flows in one direction in the circuit and helps supply power when there is no electricity in the circuit. DC is mostly used for small devices such as devices, iPods, MP3 players, etc. In the case of the AC (alternative power), the power supply that provides a round trip in the circuit. In general, alternating current used for electrical appliances. A solar inverter helps many DC devices work with alternating current for the operator to use alternating current.


Specialized Solar Systems offers a large number of proven solar inverters to meet their solar power generation needs. Solar inverters come in many sizes. These are ranging from standard converters to highly advanced solar energy management systems with external access. In addition, it allows a solar-powered technician to perform a variety of functions to optimize their solar energy generation performance.

Solartech Pakistan takes care of every part of our valued customers. We look after from the initial audit and home consultation to the customized design and installation of the system.  Our solar energy professionals handle all the necessary licenses and permits for you. We also offer financing options and a constant maintenance and supervision of the system.

Solar Inverters with Cheapest rates in Pakistan

Solartech Pakistan is offering the Infini Solar Inverters at cheapest rates in Pakistan. The Infini solar inverter is a new product in Pakistan. This demand increases every day due to its enormous benefits. Therefore, the investor is ideal for remote areas where you can not trust the government’s electrical energy generation. The Infini solar inverter is a hybrid inverter. Consequently, It successfully integrates the solar system, battery power and alternating current with the promise of an uninterrupted power supply.