Residential Solar Solutions

Residential Solar Solutions

Investing in a solar energy system for your home is one of the best ways to save money. It increases the value of your home, protect yourself against future increases in energy rates. The most prominent advantage of the Residential Solar Solution is that it keeps your environment neat and Clean. Solartech Pakistan is the leading company in the field of solar panels in Pakistan with the vision of offering the best Residential solar solutions in Pakistan at an affordable price. It offers a wide range of solar products for the range of residential customers. It ranges from 1 kW to 10 kW. At Solartech Pakistan, we understand that companies must save costs to remain competitive. That’s why we help our customers optimize their daily energy requirements in a cost-effective way. Our highly efficient solar panels available in Pakistan with 30 years of guaranteed performance.

Domestic Solar Solution

An off-grid system usually does not connect to the electrical grid and requires a battery for storage. Off-grid solar energy systems must be designed appropriately to generate enough energy during the whole year. The system comprises the battery capacity required to meet electrical power requirements or the demand of the installed locations. In general, the specifications of the solar system outside the network works on the daily power consumption and the maximum value for Working hour/watt-hour. The daily watt-hour usage can usually be calculated based on your energy bill for a pre-set period of time but may require more precise control of the usage pattern with the data loggers for energy measurements.

Paying for Solartech Pakistan solar energy solution can take as long as you want. Also, even if you do not use solar energy, you still pay for energy. Except that with your local energy bills, there is a ZERO Return on Investment for all those years of payment (forever), while a solar home solution offers many benefits, including convenience, increasing the value of the home and not depend more or at the mercy of the price increases of local public services. Regardless of whether you pay quickly or do it slowly, you will receive a return on your investment in time with solar energy.