LED Street Light

LED Street Light

Solartech Pakistan is offering the best Energy Crisis Solutions to the people of Pakistan. We have focused on all sectors who are the victim of Energy Crisis Nowadays. Our services are ranging from domestic level to Industrial levels. We also promote the areas where there is no easy access to providing Energy. Therefore, We provide the LED Street Lights in cheapest rates for people of Pakistan. In addition, our main focus is to offer the best Quality products at the cheapest rates.

Solar electric power can be generated, ranging from 100 watts of small solar systems to 100 MW. Solar energy systems are of two types; one is out of the network and the other is in the network. In the isolated systems of the network, the system has no connection to the electrical network and the components used in the systems are solar panels, charge regulators, inverters, deep cycle batteries, mounting accessories and electrical. Solar panels convert solar radiation into electrical energy and this current passes through charge controllers that charge the battery when controlling battery power. The charge controllers maintain control over the battery charge for a long service life. Therefore, the direct current is stored in batteries and this stored energy is converted into alternating current to operate the alternating current devices. 

Solartech Pakistan Quality Products with Cheapest rates

Unprofessional and unqualified people in the market sell underdeveloped and low-quality systems, which means that customers lose their confidence in solar technology. On the one hand, solar technology has high initial costs. On the other hand, people sell low quality and poorly designed systems to reduce costs. The most important thing in solar energy systems is the correct design and placement of high-quality system components. It guarantees an impeccable operation of the entire system for 20 years. The other important thing for customers is that they do not have to buy a system in watts, but systems in watt-hours.

Solartech Pakistan is providing the best-LED Streetlights of high Quality with very low rates. We are more concerned towards Quality and effective services. You can buy LED lights from us within very Cheap rates.